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WagyuMama Ranch

Akushi New York Strip

Akushi New York Strip

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WagyuMama Ranch New York Strip is phenomenal no matter how you cook it! 

A classic 1.5 inch, thick cut New York strip Steak cut makes for a great steak no matter how you cook it. The New York Strip Steak is a great cut for a delicious, tender, dry aged steak dinner.

Our New York Steaks are also known as Strip Steaks.

approximate weight 14 oz


Where does a New York steak come from

New York Strip Steaks are located in the short loin. The New York, or strip steak, is a premium steak, known for its tenderness and buttery flavor. This steak is perfect for grilling, pan searing, or sauteing for an impeccable steak dinner that can't be beat.

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