In the epicenter of America's cattle kingdom, Bryan Baker, a third-generation rancher, initiated a visionary expedition that would forever redefine the beef industry, accompanied by his wife—a city girl, born and bred in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. As the trailblazing First Generation Ranchers at WagyuMama Ranch, we firmly hold the belief that every meal is an opulent family affair—a jubilant ode to flavor and an exquisite source of nourishment.

Our narrative is intricately woven into the very fabric of the land, and with each sumptuous bite, we extend an invitation for you to partake in the sentimentality of our journey. Here, passion, tradition, and an unyielding love for family converge in a symphony of luxurious bad-assery. Welcome to our realm, where each meal is a glorious celebration, and every bite tells a tale of opulence, heritage, and a champion spirit that refuses to be confined by convention.


Discover WagyuMama Ranch: Where Passion Meets Excellence! 

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece with our Akaushi Beef – a true labor of love that transcends taste. Beyond its unrivaled tenderness and deliciousness, it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to health and heritage. The unique genetics of Akaushi cattle, cherished by the Baker family, are the secret behind its exceptional flavor and health benefits.

 Quality Beyond Compare: Meticulously nurtured and safeguarded, our Akaushi cattle roam freely on our rolling pastures, embodying a natural, healthy lifestyle. From our ranch to your family table, we're involved in every step, ensuring the most delectable, source-verified Akaushi beef. Rigorous testing guarantees excellence, upholding the highest standards of quality that set us apart.

Sustainable Farming, Shared Responsibility: At WagyuMama Ranch, our commitment extends beyond your plate. Our pastures reflect a dedication to organic farming, cultivating healthier soil, purer water, and a thriving ecosystem, thriving cattle that we are connected and committed to everyday. Join us in embracing sustainability, harmony, and a shared responsibility for the land we call home.

Here at WagyuMama Ranch, it's not just about the beef; it's a genuine invitation to share in the simple joy of exceptional flavors, down-to-earth wholesomeness, and the heart and soul of our family legacy. Join us in savoring every bite as a celebration of love and gratitude to our animals, its the soul the authenticity and unparalleled excellence that define WagyuMama Ranch.



Immerse yourself in the untamed spirit of WagyuMama Ranch—where our commitment to you is a fierce anthem: 100% organic, all-natural beef that transcends the mundane. We defy the industrialized onslaught, steering clear of pesticides, weedkillers, and fertilizers, ensuring our beef remains unscathed by synthetic gimmicks. Bid farewell to antibiotics and hormones; we're on a mission to deliver a meal that echoes the very intent of nature.

Proudly proclaiming ourselves Non-GMO warriors, we stand against genetically engineered intruders, holding fast to our vision of pure, unadulterated beef. At WagyuMama Ranch, compassion and respect dictate our every move. Our pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle roam freely, channeling their primal instincts in an environment that pays homage to their ancestral abode.

For those with a taste for the nuanced symphony of grain-finished beef, we offer a compromise that aligns with our mission. While our cattle bask in the glory of grass-fed lives, we honor requests for grain-finished beef—a harmony of both worlds. Every meal from WagyuMama Ranch is a feast for your taste buds, yes, but it's also an unyielding affirmation of our commitment to excellence, ethics, and a future that gleams brighter and healthier.

Join us in savoring not just a meal but a legacy of exceptional beef that scoffs at the ordinary. Together, let's turn every dining experience into an unforgettable journey, a rebellious ode to the heart of tradition and the innovation that dares to defy.



Immerse yourself in the exceptional world of WagyuMama. Our Wagyu Cows live...