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Akaushi Filet Mignon/ Tenderloin

Akaushi Filet Mignon/ Tenderloin

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WagyuMama Dry-Aged Filet Mignon Steaks are perfect for a special occasion, or just to celebrate your day.

Each packet has a 11 oz steak.

The Filet Mignon is the most tender steak on the cow, and is lean also with very mimial fat. it is a wonderful steak, and my wife's and daughter's favourite cut.  It is located  in the smallest part of the tenderloain which stretches into the short loin. This cut is highly desired and rare on a cow and therefore  an expensive premium cut. Its flavor can be enhanced with a garlic butter!

Where does a filet come from?

Beef tenderloin refers to the entire  tenderloin cut of a cow. Here at WagyuMama Ranch this cut is sold all year round but is especially popular around Christmas time becuse when it is cut from a cow, a T-bone, Porterhouse, and Filet Mignon cannot be taken. The tenderloin is the most prized meat on a cow, this cut is a gourmet treat and the price reflects this.

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