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WagyuMama Ranch

Akaushi Wagyu Brisket

Akaushi Wagyu Brisket

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WagyuMama Ranch’s Brisket is a wonderful cut for smoking, slow cooking or a classic Southern style BBQ experience. You cannot beat our Dry-Aged Brisket.


Our Wagyu Brisket weighs in at roughly 5-6 lbs


Where a Brisket comes from 

The Brisket is a fatty, and flavorful cut, great for low and slow smoking and grilling. It is a staple of slow-smoke, Texas-style barbecues. The Brisket is the large chest muscle of a beef, and is halved for commercial sale as the Point and Flat cuts of a Brisket (the top and base of the muscle). These cuts can weigh between 2 and 6 pounds. The Point Cut is the smaller of the two, though it is thick, fattier and marbled—perfect for shredding for Brisket sandwiches or corned beef. The Flat Cut is larger, thinner, and leaner with an even layer of fat across the top. The Flat Cut is best for slicing, braising, and slow cooking with moist heat methods, due to the fact it has less fat and tenderness than the Point Cut.  



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